My babe has a Cadillac parked on her estate, must belong to a neighbour
I’ll bet it makes ‘em feel famous, helps them to get from A to B
Then at the weekend drive to the seaside, lately there seems to be something happening
You know, it’s cheaper than the city, soon enough there’ll be no difference

Anyway what were we trying to escape? Do you think that we’re to blame?
Or have we been so long unsettled in our separate routines
That we’ve forgotten how to dream? I polish glasses in my sleep 
Then spend the day working to earn some time further on down the line possibly

“Jesus loves a trier”
I’m not convinced ‘cause Jesus knows I’m trying
It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s nothing, no I don’t care
But then again I’m feeling kind of tired, I haven’t got the irony to hide behind anymore
It’s nothing, babe, no I’m bluffing, no it’s okay

My girl, say the word, I’ll take you half way around the world
And half again, I’ll square the circle; been moving forward in reverse too long
I think we need a change of scene, ‘cause the excuses have built up like skyscrapers
I’m falling like leaves or maybe it’s just that I’m responding to the seasons

What’s it like in New York? I haven’t been there before
Is it really all they say? Or is it really all the same?
What’s it like in L.A.? I haven’t been to the States
But, honey, when it’s right we’ll go,
I know we’ll get there one of these days

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