I’ve got all the answers
To the questions that they ask on seventies talk shows
Give me ten minutes
And an armchair next to Dick Cavett
I could be a primetime philosopher
Discuss the way the world is turning
What it is that turns me on
Crack a joke or two
Talk as freely as if sitting in the back seat of a car
With a patient taxi driver
Who just asked you how you are 
Are you going very far?

Follow me the sky is green
On the other side of the silver lining
There’s not a fence that I can see
Our garden grows into the sea 
Sometimes the tide waters the plants
It’s nothing to do with the moon or the stars 
No answers like dial tones or question marks
It’s the uncertainty of endings
The necessity of starts
Or else a bus shelter in a surprise storm
From which to curse the passing traffic
Some people lead such driven lives
Meanwhile the advertisements roll
The rain sounds like applause

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