You’re supermarket bright
When you walk in
From the council authorised blackout street
At twelve o’clock on Friday
You can hear the air raid siren
From the barracks across the town
Ringing like a mobile phone
In the pocket of someone told to turn it off
Or at least switch it to silent
It’s unwise to talk too much of anything
Unless you’ll sign and date it for the public record

Try not to hesitate
If you’ve got something to say 
Maybe a hundred words or less
On the economic failings of a former government
Another vague articulation of concern
Or else about the weather
How it hasn’t rained as much
According to recently published reports
That you were reading
In the library computer room
Between recipes and social network opinion polls

Really though
You’re supermarket bright when you walk in
Something about something
It’s like walking down every single aisle
To forget what you were looking for

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